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    • 2-12-2002: NEW ARTICLE POSTED!
      The Brand New Volume 14 drops just in time for the Lunar New Year! My New Year's Resolution is to read it! And don't forget to stop by the Mixtapes Page, updated today with new CDs, sound clips, and a shopping cart to make your life easier!
    • 10-15-2001: NEW ARTICLE POSTED!
      Volume 13 Comin' Atcha!, don't miss this one. And don't forget to stop by the Mixtapes Page, with new CDs, sound clips, and a shopping cart to make your life easier!
    • 9-7-2001: NEW ARTICLE AND CDs POSTED!
      The latest article from Soulman is finally up! Also, we've completely redone the Mixtapes Page, with new CDs, sound clips, and a shopping cart to make your life easier. Also, make sure you're signed up for our new mailing list, powered by Topica (see the form above). Stay up-to-date on the latest Soulman projects, articles, and goodies.
      Well, it's finally done and ready for mass consumption. The new Soulman "Neva Stop Diggin" CD is now available for whoever's interested. Nice stereo sound, recorded digitally (no tape hiss, so if you're into jackin' beats from CDs you'll be in sample heaven). Also nice professionally printed covers, no homemade cut out jobs on this one. Features a guest spot from my boy Soulson of The Nextmen- UK heads will know what I'm talking about.

      $15 plus $3.20 postage in the US (for the rest of 2000- next year the priority rate goes up to $3.95). Contact The Soulman for orders outside the US and for all info on how to cop this joint. That's what's up!

      Also free with purchase is the "2001 SPACED ODDITIES" bonus tape featuring some of The Soulman's rarer and stranger records. SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED on the freebie tapes, so act with swiftness or you lose like you got the ill street blues.
    • 12-14-2000: NEW ARTICLE POSTED!
      Soulman's New World Of Beats Vol. 11 is ready for you! [Webmaster's Note: Sorry for the delay in posting this article, I did it as soon as I could...]
    • 8-4-2000: NEW ARTICLE POSTED!
      Soulman's New World Of Beats Vol. 10 is ready for you. It's waiting... It's calling your name... It beckons... It sits at the end of the bar, looking at you... You know it wants you... You know you want it. Come on, buy it a drink. Invite it up to your place... See what happens... :)
    • 8-4-2000: NEW WEB HOST! A REAL SERVER!
      Wow, this has been an exciting month for us! Larry at Hooked Our Ass Up with a real server, so there's a lot of good that's gonna' come of that! For one thing, will ALWAYS be working, not like before when it was about 75% up... For another thing, Soulman's email will also be 100% reliable! What else? The site should now be LOTS FASTER, and we now have tons of space to really work on improving the site. Look for lots of Real Audio clips from Soulman's legendary Mixtapes coming soon, and a lot of general cleaning up of the site! I'll be converting the entire site to database-driven ASP and implementing some useful goodies, like a search engine. So, SUPREME THANKS go out to for their generosity and support of the Soulman's World of Beats site!
      BTW, is a serious behind-the-scenes supporter of our beat-digging community. They provide the much needed affordable server space and full-featured NT hosting for and And everyone's favorite rare vinyl site,, is powered by as well! Please drop Larry at iScience a line to say thanks!
    • 6-28-2000: CDs AND NEW TAPES FOR SALE!
      CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW ISH! You asked, you received. Soulman's new Best of Archaeologists Classics Tapes and CDs are here, and the World of Beats tapes are now available on CD as well (at the nice price!). So mosey on over to Soul's Funky Trading Post and hitch yerself up to some tasty new grooves, par'dner!
    • 6-28-2000: NEW ARTICLE POSTED
      "Soulman's New World of Beats Vol. 9: Raw Like Sushi: Georges Sulmers, Raw Shack Records" is ready for the world. That's right, you heard me, you voracious pack of wild rapscallions! Come and get it!
    • 4-29-2000: NEW ARTICLE POSTED
      "Soulman's New World of Beats Vol. 8: Lone Catalyzin' With J Rawls" is ready for the world. Once again, travel deep into the world of producing. Just follow Soulman, the world's formost beat-mining expedition leader. And then, after you come back up for air, find out who Dave Woodward is the this crazy, mixed-up cup we all live in. Soulman strikes again, gettin' us junkies our much-needed DOPE! fix.
    • 2-29-2000: NEW ARTICLE POSTED
      I finally posted "Soulman's New World of Beats Vol. 7"; the "Soulman 2000" millennium insanity edition! Sorry it took 2 months to post it, but you wouldn't believe the *&## I've been through recently... And, for the annoying peeps (you know who you are), in the future, please do not write to me directly to hassle me about posting the articles. Please correspond with Soulman instead. I'm doin' by best.
    • 12-8-99: NEW ARTICLE POSTED
      I just posted "Soulman's New World of Beats Vol. 6"; the interviews with Count Bass D & Egon! Check it out, it's huge!
    • 11-3-99: NEW ARTICLE POSTED
      I just posted "Soulman's New World of Beats Vol. 5"; the interview with Galt MacDermot! Check it out, it's huge!
    • 11-2-99: NEW GRAPHICS POSTED
      I just posted the graphics for "Archaologists Classics Volumes 71-84". Please go check them out in the "Treats" section!
      New articles on the way within the week, including an interview with Galt MacDermot!
    • 9-9-99: WORLDOFBEATS.COM!
      Yeah! Please update your bookmarks! From now on, the best way to find us is through! That's easy to remember, ain't it? Should be up and running by Friday evening, 9-10-99!
      And don't forget to bookmark, the community headquarters for beat digging heads on the 'net!
    • 9-4-99: SOUL ART GALLERY!
      FINALLY! I (Mhat) posted all 70 graphics of the awesome "Archaeologists Classics" series! Now you can see what every single volume looks like, and possibly get an idea of how dang multimedia the Soulman really is!
      Check out The Gallery! here or by clicking "Treats" on the left side bar.
    • 8-27-99: SAMPLEHEAD.COM!
      Soulman's World of Beats has joined! You can now access this site through that URL as well (easier to remember!). But yes, all your old bookmarks will still work.
      Please check out and bookmark it!
    • 8-20-99: POSTED NEW WORLD OF BEATS VOL. 4!
      Soul's back with the felt and unfelt shit, the top ten beats, and all the funk of a high school locker room.
      Hold on to your hats, boys 'n' berries, the wait is over!
    • 6-14-99: POSTED NEW WORLD OF BEATS VOL. 3!
      Check out the new interview with the guy who does the Dusty Fingers compilations!
      Also, I'm starting to update the site design per Soulman's specs! In Progress!
      Now we, the little people, can see where Soulman hangs out on the net.
      Plenty of nice links abound here, record stores, sample sites, you name it...
      This interview from April 1995 was previously unreleased on the net.
      I'm very proud to announce that this posting makes a complete set of the original World Of Beats series!
      Just click "Original World of Beats" (left) and then "Vol. 13" (top).
      Soulman's New World of Beats Volume 2 is now up!
      To read this new Interview with Jake One of Seattle's ConMen,
      just click "New World of Beats" (left) and then "Vol. 2" (top).

      Want to hear about site updates? All tha' new shit? Join the mailing list above!
      Now available! World of Beats 3-1/2: "Bonus Beats"!
      FREE with purchase of 2 or more tapes!
      This is the first volume in the upcoming "New World of Beats" series.
      Also altered navigation system to accomodate the new series.
      Posted graphic for World of Beats Mixtape #3: "Off The Meatracks"
      Soulman's old site missing lots of articles.
      This new World of Beats site features all the articles from the original RapSheet series
      PLUS Previously Unreleased stuff and new articles and interviews!

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