Volume 8: Soulman Meets Soul Brother
November, 1994
It's Just A White Bar

        A few months back, I was talking beats with my man, Pete Rock, one of my favorite hip-hop producers. It wasn't easy catching up with the brother, but my persistence finally paid off. After about a few hundred phone calls to his management, I was able to track Pete down at an extra secret number, on the L. Even though he was mad busy and couldn't talk for long, he took the time to answer a few questions and school me on some beat shit. Check this out.

Soulman: Let's look at some of the technical aspects of production. What type of equipment do you use?
Pete Rock: Basically, I use the S900 and the SP-1200.

S: What advice would you give to a kid who makes beats but really doesn't know how to go about getting put on?
P: Well, he should always keep at it, as far as making the beats, and maybe he can submit them to a couple of A&R people at labels, because they have artists that need producing.

S: Should they do this through a manager?
P: Definitely, they should have a manager or a lawer.

S: Okay, now on to the beats. Who are your favorite artists to sample beats from?
P: Shit, I have so many names that peple never heard of. Lemme' see, there's a group called Sound Factory that I like. Jazz artists like The Fourth Way, Ruby Jones, Ruby Andrews...I'm on some old shit like that.

S: Is that mostly from the seventies?
P: Yeah. Wally Richardson...

S: Where do you find out about these records?
P: Just going beat hunting in different record stores.

S: So you just take a chance on whatever, like it might be fat?
P: Yeah.

S: How many records do you have?
P: About twenty-five crates.

S: Any tips on what to look for when you're shopping for beats?
P: Basically everything. Drums, basslines...everything.

S: But when you're actually buying the record, do you look at the cover to see if the people have afros, or...
P: Oh, naw...I pick up anything. It doesn't matter 'cause beats are on everything. They'll be on a record you least expect them to be on.

S: Yo, before I bounce...what's one of the weirdest records you have that has some funky shit on it?
P: A special record...it has a fat beat on it. I don't remember the name, but I know it's on the label called Fania, and it has some fat drums on it.

Readers' Beats To Catch:
1."Just Funnin'" - Mtume <William Gray/Evansville ,IN>
2."Up On Cripple Creek" - The Band <Jeff Salyn/Ontaroio Canada>
3."Playin' Your Game Baby" - Barry White <Dow/ Queens,NY>
4."Cheap Sunglasses" - ZZ Top <DJ October / Phi PA>
5."Space Lady" - Lonnie Liston Smith <Honda Gamba / Dayton OH>
6."Hummin'" - Quincy Jones <Junior Turner / Waynesboro, MS>
7."Two Sisters of Mystery" - Mandrill <Blaine Armstrong Cottagehill, IL>
8."Behind The Rain" - Gato Barbieri <Dollas Short /Ephreta, PA>
9."Blue Juice" - Jimmy McGriff <LP Lyricist Prophet / San Francisco CA>
10."One Eye Open" - The Masked Man and The Agents <Soul King / Southbound Brook ,NJ>

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