Spotlight on THE SOULMAN
It's Just A White Bar

        *Professional name: SOULMAN (also known as Digga Phelps, Phill Spectre, etc.)

        *Slave name: Phill Stroman

        *Hip-Hop History: Grew up in Connecticut about a half hour away from the Bronx, NY. Got down with the music back in 1978 (before it was even called hip-hop and before there were any rap records) as a shorty standing behind the ropes at parties, watching the MCs and DJs perform. Started rhyming, deejaying, and collecting records in 1983 after moving to Harrisburg and then Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ("Being away from the New York area made me appreciate hip-hop much more, and I tried to make the transition from observer to performer"). Signed with Cutting Records in 1984 as a member of The Devestating 2 but never released a record. Became obsessed with breakbeats in the late 1980s.

        Signed with Easy Street Records in 1990 as producer and creator of the novelty group Baritone Tiplove and released a single, "Young Ladees Drive Me Crazee", and an album, "Livin' Foul" in 1991 (If you find any copies, please burn them immediately!!!) Moved on to doing a comic strip for Rap Sheet magazine, which soon led to writing feature articles and the infamous World Of Beats column (which was Rap Sheet's most popular column during its run, garnering hundreds of letters from fans all over the world). Record collection swelled from less than 3,000 to over 10,000 during this period.

        Left Rap Sheet after 3-4 years of "dopeness". Began selling beats to producers at the Roosevelt Soul/Disco record convention in New York (clients include Pete Rock, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Buckwild, PM Dawn, L.E.S., Onyx, Mobb Deep, Trackmasters, The Hitmen, Q-Tip, Organized Confusion, Ski, Rashad Smith, Jay Dee, Salaam Remi, Beatnuts, Beatminerz, and many more). Produced the independent single "You Ain't Ready" by Soma on Apex Records in 1997, scoring a minor underground hit. Released Soulman's World Of Beats Vols. 1, 2, & 3: phat breakbeat mixtapes that have been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

        Record collection now estimated around 15-20,000.

It's Just A White Bar

    Featuring beats by The Soulman, rhymes by some of the illest unsigned mc's in the world, and possibly a few surprise guests! EARLY 1999 RELEASE.

  • Also in the works is an album by Soma and a few singles.

    Featuring more and more breaks from the archives of Digga Phelps.

  • Possibly coming one day: SOULMAN MAGAZINE
    Featuring nothing but that shit!

It's Just A White Bar

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